Wednesday, April 30, 2008


If you want your blog or website to be posted in the Links section, just:

-Leave a comment here
-PM me in game ( my family name is Stiles in Carracci )
-Leave me a message in the IAH forum boards ( my forum name is Mr.Stiles)

If I found a site that is worth linking, ill drop by a message and link you :)


As for the layout, am almost done :) all I need is a good Lorch themed banner :D

Still fixing the lay out

Before I start with the hard news, I really want to fix the lay out first. If only the edges of the boxes aren't rounded, the only thing I would need will be a banner.

I like the pattern though :D I got it from (lots of neat patterns here if you happen to need one :D )

Now I think should make the edges of the boxes straight and a banner before I can start reporting.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Stiles' Challenge! -- Lay out my new blog

Hello :)

Its me again! And am giving away my last pair of Divine Angel Wings for this one :D

I just finished creating a Granado Espada Blog named Northern Implosion.

What I want you to do is to create a lay out for me :) (blogspot style).

It can only be a banner and a few buttons but it can also be a full blown lay out for my new community blog.

You can post anything that can help me lay out my new blog. A full blown lay out might have an advantage to the other entries.



- The lay out should be compatible with

- Post a screen shot on how the lay out will appear if its a full blown lay out

- If its a banner or a background picture (or both), post it here in this thread.

- The lay out should be Lorch themed. After all hes my favorite and the blog is named on one of his skills

- Dont forget to cite your sources if you used works that are not yours :)

- If your going to submit buttons, post em here.


- A pair of Divine Angel Wings
- Your layout will be used in the newly opened blog :)

Deadline for entries would be on May 31 or when an entry is exceptionally good that I have to close the event.

Good luck to everyone :)

Welcome to Northern Implosion :)

I have been silent since the closed beta days of Granado Espada. I did anything I can to get a closed beta account to play this game that I love so much. And now, having more than a year of exposure to the Baguio and Northern Luzon community of Granado Espada, I think its high time for me to update everyone about the buzz in the North.

I am Stiles of the Carracci server of Granado Espada SG and I will do my best to help the Baguio and Northern Luzon community grow.

Why Northern Implosion ?

This blog will be dedicated to the Granado Espada community of Northern Luzon with concentration in Baguio. Thats why I the name of this community news blog to be should refer to the area which this blog is dedicated to.

As for the Implosion part, I have been a Lorch fan since closed beta. When Granado Espada was released in our area, I made it a point to get him as soon as possible (level 50, I levelled up along the way so I got him at level 51). If there is anything I want this blog to be, I want it to be the mirror and voice of the Northern Luzon community. So probably, I would tackle issues that ranges from fun to sensitive. But I want this blog to have explosive content so that the voice of this community would be heard. But since implosions are stronger than explosions, I used implosion.

There you go :) Northern Implosion

What can I find in this blog in the future ?

You can expect to see the Northern Luzon part of the Granado Espada community and how they go on in their everyday lives in and outside the game. Granado Espada events in baguio shall also be covered. This blog shall also cater to the needs of the community and Ill try as much as I can to voice it out for prompt action.

Interested in Granado Espada? Living in Baguio? I can help you get started by pointing out LAN shops and other ways to play the game.

Why is Stiles in Baguio anyway ?

The community might be surprised to see me in Baguio events as well as the events in Manila as if I had tons of warp scrolls at hand. It is because I study in Baguio and live in Manila. Its a tough life for me. But even if the demands of real life are getting tougher and tougher, I will always try to find time and show how much I care about the game I love.


Guess thats enough introduction to my blog! Good luck to me !