Monday, May 26, 2008

My Bellem Box Item for June is ...

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Everybody was curious on what the item of the month for June would be. It is official that there wouldn't be a Item of the Month poll for June. So probably, the Item of the Month for June would still be the same, much to the dismay of people who saved their item codes.

Although on a lighter note the prize of the Elite Ring Mail recipe would probably go down and stabilize. "Good for us, maybe the price of ERM will start going down. Good luck hunting for the ingredients" Ninemoons of Dispatches from Granado Espada answered when asked about how this issue would affect the game.

As far as the item of the month for July is concerned, it seems that a Dragon Heart recipe is what the community would like to have. "Kasi mas prefer ko yung perma items" (I would prefer permanent items) Blacksword of Carraci said when asked about what kind of item he would expect for July.

But whatever the next item of the month would be, we all have to wait for another month because of delays brought by long discussions.

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