Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Speed Forums and Website now up :)

Discuss Top Speed with the community at

You can now activate your closed beta keys here :D


Monday, May 26, 2008

My Bellem Box Item for June is ...

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Everybody was curious on what the item of the month for June would be. It is official that there wouldn't be a Item of the Month poll for June. So probably, the Item of the Month for June would still be the same, much to the dismay of people who saved their item codes.

Although on a lighter note the prize of the Elite Ring Mail recipe would probably go down and stabilize. "Good for us, maybe the price of ERM will start going down. Good luck hunting for the ingredients" Ninemoons of Dispatches from Granado Espada answered when asked about how this issue would affect the game.

As far as the item of the month for July is concerned, it seems that a Dragon Heart recipe is what the community would like to have. "Kasi mas prefer ko yung perma items" (I would prefer permanent items) Blacksword of Carraci said when asked about what kind of item he would expect for July.

But whatever the next item of the month would be, we all have to wait for another month because of delays brought by long discussions.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Top Speed CBT Keys up!!


Heres something for those who actually visit my blog if there are any hahaha =))

Go to this page and get em while they're hot!

You can also try this one

For more info go to: (<-- fixed! sorry guys ^^)


Friday, May 16, 2008

The Night When I Went Out to Buy some GVCs

The date was May 14, 2008. The day before the GVC boost ended. While I was bumming around Granado Espada, I noticed that I need a few barracks slots for a new stock musk and a reserved slot for my future Rio. Maybe three pieces of 100 peso GVCs would be good enough for two barrack slots and some mystery powders for my friend.

At exactly 7 o'clock in the evening, I took the extra money from my wallet and went out to buy some GVCs. The search was very long. At around 9 o'clock in the evening I went to this LAN shop in BF Homes Paranaque with fingers crossed. I was raiding all the card shacks, load stations, convenience stores, and LAN shops for the 100 GVC specifically.

Since this is the last place I will go to for my barrack slots (Do note that I am quite low on vis during this time and I want my stock musketeer already!), I decided to take a hidden vid from my mobile phone to record our transaction as well as the answers to my questions.

NOTE: 100 peso GVCs are the ones with 3 boosters and around 2000 gpoints while the 50 peso ones have only 1 booster and around 1000 gpoints. Also note that some of the lines are too soft to hear but you can decipher it by looking at the tenant's lips (his lines are quite short and monotonous so its quite easy to see his replies). I also have three hundred pesos in my wallet, I suddenly had the urge to buy the three hundred peso GVC instead near the end of the transaction.

For those who cannot understand tagalog:

(I must apologize for my first line since I forgot to excuse myself since the tenant was a bit busy. I was just too tired of walking around town.)

Stiles: Meron po kayong load ng Granado Espada?
(Do you have prepaid credits for Granado Espada?)

Tenant: Fifty lang
(We only have the fifty peso ones.)

Stiles: Ahh ok, may pumapakyaw po ba ng one hundred?
(Ahh ok, is someone hoarding the 100 peso GVCs?)

Tenant: Wala naman

Stiles: Wala na po ba talagang makuhang one hundred ?
(Are the 100 peso GVCs really sold out?)

Tenant: Wala
(Yes, their all sold out.)

Stiles: Tinry niyo naman pong magrestock?
(You did tried to restock right?)

*Tenant nods and raises both eyebrows to me to say yes*

Stiles: Pero may nakukuha naman kayong reply sa e-games?

Tenant: Wala eh.
(Nope *in a disappointed tone*)

Stiles: Oh ok. Kuha na lang ako ng tatlo kasi galing na ako kung saan-saan e wala pa rin eh.
(Oh ok. Ill buy three. I have been to a lot of places already but I can't find any GVCs to buy)

Stiles: May promo kasi yan eh.
(Those GVCs got a promotion.)

*Stiles shell out 150 pesos to pay for the three fifty peso GVCs.*

Stiles: Tinry niyo na bang magrestock din dati ng 300 and yung 750?
(Have you tried to restock on the 300 and 750 GVCS before?)

Tenant: Oo, kaso wala talaga eh.

Stiles: Ay wala talaga. Oh ok, thank you po!
(Aww, they're really not available? Ok, thank you)


As I stepped down the stairs leaving the LAN shop, I recorded my rant. But as an extra, i really have to see that a part of the large sun catcher of Granado Espada was missing. I zoomed in my camera phone, sorry if its a bit blurry.



Mikee Stiles is on a hunt for GVCs. I will going around BF Paranaque and nearby areas, some parts of Alabang, some parts of Las Pinas, and Baguio to raid malls, card shacks, internet cafes (LAN shops), and electronics stores for GVCs. As much as possible, I will try to list the locations where you guys can buy GVCs.

As for the Northern Luzon community that I love (with special love for miss Factura and Lacebal), I will create a system where I can do you guys a favor and buy GVCs for you :). I was doing this in a small scale before, but now I think its high time to help more people!

If you really really need your GVCs as in now na, do give me a message in the IAH forums or in game (Stiles, Carraci server or Sppice, in Vivaldi server) and I will try to help.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Games Should be Games and Should Always be Games (The Rant I was Hiding for a Long Time)

This was my pre-quitting speech a few weeks before the e-Games Domination event. Basically I was hiding this post since I don't want some friends and players to be rattle by this short but heavy rant.


Games Should be Games and Should Always be Games

I really noticed the trend with online gaming today. Granado Espada was wasted under the hands of IAH Games as it openly tells everyone that the game is more of a business rather than a game. I really don't know if its just me or the free to play format with item mall is not really the business model for a customer like me.

I just knew that Rio will charge me 20 enhancement boosters to recruit him. Thats eleven thousand g-points, roughly around 600 pesos. I actually paid for a few characters I had (nope I didnt payed another 600 pesos for my Irawan.) but enough is enough. So to experience a really rich family of characters in your barracks, you have to pay up. Why not let me pay two thousand pesos for my Soho the Wind ? Why leave this charatcer in a crummy game of chance? The most simple answer would be is to make money.

Yes, am not the biggest celebrity in all the gaming communities I have been; but am not the strongest player who would junk as much as ten to twenty thousand pesos on a game per month. And the thing is, even if I had all the money in the world, I can't buy all the GVCs I want because its so hard to find and buy them. Maybe thats the amor of the f2p format for game publishers. For the other gamers, the free to play format has obvious benefits for them, most especially the ones who wants to dominate the game for their own pride.

As what I have announced I would be quitting Granado Espada, but because I think I wouldn't do it completely for I really loved the game. Since I don't have much money to spend on my games , all I can spare is time from excellent time management.

No I don't want to be the most powerful person in an online game ever nor be the biggest celebrity in a community by ethical or unethical means. I just want to enjoy my games and online gaming is my choice since I get to interact with other people.

If I was asked about the game I enjoyed the most, it would be Ragnarok Online (RO). Yes I did enjoyed playing RF, Granado Espada, and all the countless games I played. I enjoyed them equally. But the thing is, I had fun with people in RO to the point of getting together with them, knowing them personally and all that. But I really had to quit with all the cheating.

Am looking forward to RO2 but knowing that I am going back to another business oriented publisher like Level Up! Games, all I wish is that I would feel that RO2 is a game whether its pay or free to play. I really think that game publishers can run a game without letting players feel that the game is actually a business. I know LUG is pretty notorious but I hoped they improved. Am looking forward to their game.

If all the game publishers are like this, which publisher would I trust my free time with?

In before grammar errors and mispelled words.


So why am I still playing Granado Espada? I should admit that it was because of e-Games' Domination event where I get to meet people and saw how they don't want me to quit. In short, it's the people I played with.

Makati is just a thirty minute (could go for an hour if theres heavy traffic) bus ride away from Paranaque. But why aren't the GVCs here ? What more if it was in Baguio, Tuguegarao, and the far North? In Baguio, we get our cards from an ice cream parlor, isn't that ridiculous ? Ridiculous in a sense that we can't buy our GVCs conveniently in the mall or the friendly neighborhood card shack?

I really love Granado Espada, but to love the game I should pay more, I already accepted the idea in my system already. Now I have the "love" for the game, where should I pay my "love" now ?

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A few Lorch stuffies

I should admit that I have only a handful of Lorch stuff in my pc right now. I should admit that it is quite hard to find Lorch content around the net. Probably those gewd stuff are hidden in the depths of Korean and Japanese sites. Seriously, I wish I would bump into smexy Lorch porn while bumming around with google :D.

*sigh Lorch...

Who doesn't want to sink his or her teeth into his immaculate legs...

I guess Lorch has smexy abs too! Check out Celyne of seaGE's overly shmexy fan art of him!


I seriously have to gulp the first time I saw Celyne's Lorch fan art that we are all egging her to make. Who could have known that the young boyish charm of Lorch hides a few packs of pan de sals under that shirt.

Ooooh ! Don't forget to check out other works of art by Celyne at

And since you (the person who posted the first comment in this blog evar), why don't you show the world that your a fan of Lorch :D Go to

and enlist yourself in Lorch's fan listing.This fanlisting is made by †Requiem of the seaGE forums.

I also have my own piece of Lorch fandom. I made Lorch phone teams for your nokia 6300 although I admit that its still a bit crude and I haven't polished the theme yet.

Ill post it here if people wants to use it :)

Hoorah! My this is my first unofficial post which is actually coherent haha :D

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Banner pl0x !!!

A good banner is the only thing I need before I officially open this blog :D

My deadline would be the first week of June.

This blog is now on soft opening so Ill try posting light news for the community if I find time.

As for the banner, Ill try to do it myself. But help would be really appreciated. Since there are events that are offers more than wings, I don't think I can formally open a forum event for this one. But if your willing to lend a hand, please do leave a message for me :)

Thankies :D